Simple Run Blocker


Block the applications you don't want your kids to use



Simple Run Blocker is a program designed to give parents and other computer users special controls that can prevent little kids from using programs not recommended for children. Now you don't have to worry about the programs you use for work, or special projects being deleted or edited on accident.

This program blocks the programs you add to the list from running in a pretty simple way: just drag the .exe file to the main interface. Everything you save to the list will be automatically blocked.

Simple Run Blocker has a drop-down box with three options: block only the list, block all except the list, and disable blocking. So, depending on the option you choose, you should either add the programs you want to block or the ones you want to keep available.

The interface is very basic and, apart from the programs that appear in the lower window, includes only two icons: one to add more programs to the list and another to delete them from the list.

You can also use Simple Run Blocker to hide or restrict access to any drive. In the 'hide or lock drives' option, you can see all your computer drives and select the ones you want to hide or lock.
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